Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Warrants & Money

Like many areas, if you turn someone in who has a warrant, there is a good chance you will get a cash reward. After all, like most agencies, we are dependent on good citizens to be our eyes and ears and let us know where these nefarious people are located. We can only be in so many places.

But, then again, unless you are willing to reward these citizens, they aren't willing to spill the information.

Just handled a call from a woman who went through the service that manages our local reward system to confirm the person had a warrant. The caller knows where this wanted woman is located and knows there is a no bail warrant. Which means the Courts don't want this suspect bailing out of jail before she can make an appearance to answer for her numerous crimes.

But because the managing service transferred the call without giving the caller a special code number, and angry I can't guarantee her a reward, she refused to give up the information.

Saw what??

Being a responsible citizen and getting this dangerous person off the street isn't reward enough? You have to be paid to report the suspects location?

I wonder, we can arrest the caller for harboring a wanted person as she clearly knows where the wanted female is located and refusing to share the information with the proper law enforcement agency? Wonder if any agency has tried to do this? Yeah, probably bad public relations. But, shoot.....

Readers? Comments?


The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

In our agency,if they weren't given a code, we ask them to make up a 4 digit number. Then once we make up the call we give them the event number and have them call back during there business hours and give both to that department!

copswife said...

That is such a sad commentary on today's society.

I see your point, morally and possibly even legally this woman could and should face consequeces. But the catch-22 is, if that is pursued will others be even more afraid to speak up? If they call the police and ask questions but then not actually give information they are going to get slammed.

Maybe that doesn't make sense, but seriously, are these people typcially logical?

Christopher said...

Harboring is different than knowing where they are and not providing that information. Harboring, in my state, would be more like providing the physical structure for them to hide or giving them material aid, not just withholding their location from the police.

But while we have a tip line for unsolved crimes, we don't have anything like this for information on people with warrants. Though, it wouldn't be unheard of for a detective to pay an informant for information from special funds set up for that.

The good thing about warrants, though... they last forever.

One Time said...

Everyone's trying to figure out how to make an easy buck. Sad, but true.

Scott Pantall said...

We don't offer any cash rewards for turning people in. We just wait for the wanted subject to piss off their friend/spouse/mom who then calls us to tell us where they are. :)

FireMidget said...

I don't get it either. I have some that call in wanting to report and assualt. they want the person arrested but don't want to talk to an officer about it. I never understand that either.