Sunday, January 4, 2009

Shootings and Knifings and Fights, Oh My

What the heck is happening out there?!?! Three shootings tonight. Two shootings, a knifing and two physical fights with injuries yesterday. People are literally ripping and tearing each other up in my town. Were we gassed as part of a Government test to measure the level of testosterone necessary to have people turn on each other? Or are we being infected by an alien germ that is designed to bring out the most aggressive side of our natures? Could it be a conspiracy to increase our dead body counts so we can increase our requests for funds to increase our number of sworn personnel?

Oh My. I am scaring myself. Seems like every call for service lately has been of a call of aggression and destructive behavior. Where are all my banal calls for violations of child custody orders and audible burglar alarms and vehicle vandalisms. Oh, they're still there. Just getting lost in all the violence.

Anyone have an opinion?


Kaden said...

Oh my. You could be talking about my town where I work. Interesting theories you offer. I would go with theory #3 for our town. Here, locally they have offered the theory of the economy. But I think that is just a cop out. (no pun intended)

Christopher said...

On the other hand, in my little neck of the woods we've been complaining how slow it has been this winter. Unprecedently slow. Maybe they've all migrated to your area?

If so, send a couple back so we can have a little action.

The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

Wow! I wanna work for Christopher's agency!! Its swamped in here! You sure we don't work for the same agency?

Snickering Corpses said...

Culturally, we've consistently reduced the value of human life for about 40 years now by eliminating the underlying moral foundations that set expectations of behavior. We've taught situational ethics that say what's right for you is right. When you eliminate the moral code that requires protection of the helpless and weak, you end up with a "might makes right" world. And if Might is the only right, your only way of getting ahead is violence.

But then again, if humans are no more than accidentally-evolved animals, why are we surprised? Violence is how animals settle their differences. Animals have no ethics, and only ethics says you shouldn't kills someone if they're an obstacle to what you want.