Friday, July 23, 2010

Got An Idea

Recently got a phone call from a lady who was sitting in the office of Social Services trying to get some government monies to help. While sitting there and dealing with the red tape, in walked a guy she knew from the apartment complex. Got in line to request government assistance as well.

Aww... but wait. It gets interesting. She knows that the guy is a wanted felon (her words) and has the nerve to walk in asking for a handout (again her indignant words).

With a little research I found she was right. He had a couple warrants out on him. One a no bail. Covertly a clothing description was given and officers sent to hook and book his ass.

Guess he won't need the handout he was requesting as his meals and lodgings will be provided by the taxpayers in the form of jail time.

My idea is this: Why aren't we running every applicant for government assistance of any outstanding warrants? Maybe we can ship some people to other counties to deal with or quit rewarding their bad behavior with free handouts while they avoid their punishment for other terrible times?

I can almost hear those liberals yelling about the privacy of those with no warrants being invaded as someone searches a database for wants on them. Hello folks. If you know you don't have a warrant but want handouts, it's a small price to pay. If you know you have a warrant, well, your handouts will be on a plastic tray while you're behind bars.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

I have complained, ad naseum, of the abuse of citizens using 9-1-1 for information.

Like the lady who called asking for the phone number to Probation. Explained to her that she should call 4-1-1 but to be helpful I gave her the phone number. She got a bit mouthy and said it was my job to give help however I was needed.

But the kicker was the off duty officer, yes - one of my puppies - who called on the officer line asking for the phone number and address of a business he wanted to talk to. A furniture store no less.

Not work related at all. Just wanted to see a piece they had advertised on sale.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

UFO Hotline

After many more years than I want to think about, I have given out, for the second time, the UFO Hotline phone number.

For those that want to know, it's 206-722-3000

Saturday, July 17, 2010

How Did That Happen?

Seems that responses to my posts are coming out in Japanese. Not sure why. Am trying to figure it out. Is frustraiting, for I fear I am missing some good points. Bear with me folks while I try to repair this.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

God Complex

God Complex:: Term generally used to describe an individual who consistently believes they can accomplish more than is humanly possible...

Can't imagine anyone who gets into law enforcement doesn't come in without the desire or need or want to help people and/or solve their life issues.

Watch television shows. Love how those pretend officers solve the problems of families that took years to cultivate. How one meeting with an officer will help a hoodlum or juvenile brat change their life direction.

When you start this job as a dreamy eyed optimist there is the belief in self that y0u will change the life of many people for the better and change the hearts of criminals to start walking the straight and narrow.

Then reality sets in. And the crappy hours and working conditions start to wear down your heart and soul. The lack of support from administrators, superior (and I use the term loosely) officers and co-workers can rub you raw. Then watching district attorney offices, to simplify their case loads and pad their numbers, plead down a case or a judge slap the offender on the wrist is very hard to swallow and survive at times.

But still the brave and foolish hearted law enforcement officers and dispatchers continue to slog on in the upward and treacherous trail of safety and law enforcement in hopes of finding that moment, that person, that life to improve and change.

After years of abuse from government employers and citizens we serve, the shields of the God Complex is tarnished and worn at points. It is harder to keep pinned to our uniforms. May even be missing some lettering or badly dented.

But year after year officers and dispatchers scotch tape or duct tape that well worn shield to their hearts and continue to try to help and serve those who don't deserve it or want it in hopes of finding that person or cause to save.

These are Every Day Heros that deserve ticker tape parades and streets named after them and books published by the thousands and interviewed on talking heads shows.

I salute you.