Monday, November 19, 2012

The New Norm

As I write this I am listening to it rain outside the department. There is an exit door right by my station which allows me to hear outside noises very easily.  Have always enjoyed listening to rain, hard and fierce, or softly with small drips.  The sound is soothing.

Then it occurred to me.  I was LISTENING to it rain.  Long time readers know I worked for a long time in a windowless basement with padded walls.  We only knew of the weather outside due to callers and officers.

But my new norm is the ability to hear more than just the trauma and drama of caller after caller.  Or the sarcasm dripping from officers voice on the radio.  Or hearing a dispatcher complaining, valid or not, for hours on end about a plethora of problems.

I truly believe long time dispatchers gain a special sensitivity in their hearing.  We develop this skill over the years, picking up small sounds in the background or the callers voice to indicate not all is what they say.  Or the tone and speed of an officers cadence in asking for fill or information, telling the acute hearing skills he is stressed about something he is seeing and perhaps a fill might be a good idea, when not even asked for.

But to be able to hear the rain.  Hear the wind rushing through the trees and bushes near the office door and window.  Being able to hear Mother Nature playing with the elements is a special new delight.  It is my new norm.

I think I could really get use to this new feature in my life.