Saturday, January 10, 2009

True Story

Took a phone call that is so sad it's funny.

Caller: I want to report my daughter's boyfriend hit her.

(start taking the information)

Caller: I have his picture, I can give that to the officer. Daughter carries it in her wallet.

Me: Okay, well, you can share that with the officer.

Caller: It's his mug shot from when he was in prison. Will that help find him?

Me: Ah, your daughter carries her boyfriends mug shot? In her wallet?

Caller: Yeah. Most girls carry their boyfriends pictures in their wallet.

Me: But this is his mugshot she carries?

Caller: Ah, yeah. He was in prison for assault and got out a couple months ago. My daughter just hasn't gotten a newer picture of him, that's all.

It's the truth. The above is almost word for word a fairly recent conversation with a caller. It makes me wonder, is the mother really that comfortable with her daughter dating a felon? Thinks it is okay for her daughter to carry her boyfriend's mugshot as a love token?


copswife said...

That is sad. But at least she was not OK with the hitting.

The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

Sounded like she had no clue how that really sounded!

Don't you wonder what he did to get that wonderful mugshot photo taken... hmmmm.. I'm gonna guess battery of some kind!

FireMidget said...

Wow. Tried to think of a good comeback to that and um no. Guess she doesn't have higher expectations for her daughter than that, but oh well. job security.