Saturday, August 17, 2013

An Angel of a Dispatcher

From Huff Post Good News section::

Don't believe in guardian angels? This story might change your mind.

A bride-to-be from Kent, Wash., had her wedding dress stolen on the morning of her ceremony last weekend.

But her special day wasn't ruined -- all thanks to the efforts of a big-hearted 911 dispatcher.

The bride, identified as Amanda in ABC's report, called 911 about the incident on Sunday morning and told dispatcher Candice that her $6,000 wedding dress was stolen from her car hours before she planned to get married.

“I.. asked when the ceremony was scheduled," Candice, whose last name has not been reported, told the News Tribune. "When she said ‘today,’ my heart broke in two for her.”

Instead of simply filing a report, Candice asked her manager if she could offer the bride the dress she wore at her own wedding 18 months ago.

"We bought our dresses at the same store which is pretty ironic. Then, to make it even more awesome, we are about the same size so it worked out pretty well," Candice said in an interview with KIRO Radio.

Candice enlisted the help of her husband Brandon, who had luckily stayed home from a camping trip, to help fetch the dress from her parents' attic in Gig Harbor. Her family worked together to ensure that Amanda had the dress before the wedding.

The ceremony went off without a hitch.

“If I hadn’t taken that call, I wouldn’t have heard about it,” Candice told the News Tribune. “If she wasn’t my size, it wouldn’t have worked. If my husband had gone camping instead of staying home, I couldn’t have gotten to the dress. God does awesome things, and this woman, whose wedding day might have been ruined, had her special day, after all.”


Yes, folks... a real honest to goodness here on earth angel.  Through her need to serve her community as a police dispatcher, the angel here - Candice, was able to do more than handle the penal code violation of this poor woman's stolen shining moment attire (aka wedding dress).  Candice stepped up and shared her own, recently worn matrimonial vestment. 

Kudos to Police Dispatcher Candice!!