Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wish for More Days Like Today

Today I got to be part of and witness to a dream achievement for a special young man.

His teacher contacted our department to ask for assistance for a special needs student who is fascinated by all and anything to do with law enforcement.  I am proud of how our department stepped up for him.

When he arrived with his teacher and mom it was clear he was excited but very nervous.  We had prepared a special swearing-in ceremony.  Told him it would make him part of our team.  Afterwards he was given a sticker badge to wear.  I swear that little chest rose when he got his badge.  The officer signed the certificate and put it in the bag of logo items we had collected.

He got to work at our video policing board.  He even got a little time on the radio.  After a tour of the whole department and meeting other officers and detectives and lieutenants, he got to sit in the patrol unit.  Of course lights and sirens were checked.  A short ride in the patrol car as well.

Mom was almost in tears when we did his swearing-in ceremony.  Even his teacher was surprised on how we made him part of the department, not just a tour pointing out where things are.

Yes, the special tour did take some time and effort in planning, but so worth it.  For the boy it is a memory of a dream made true.  For the witnesses to this day, it is a memory that will make us smile for years to come. And hopefully shine a positive light on our dark days.