Monday, December 22, 2008

Petition for Banishment

I have decided to start a petition to banish all Cricket cell phones. Am tired of people calling 9-1-1 or even calling in on non-emergency phone line and trying to understand what the reporting party is asking for or needing over the crackle/static/wavering cellular line.

I have been told part of the problem is based on their cellular wavelength. Part of the problem is the lack of Cricket designated cell towers. Part of the problem is the programing. Part of the problem is the cell phone design. Big part of the problem is a combination of all this plus more.

As soon as I answer a phone call I can tell immediately if the person is calling on a Cricket cell phone without even having to look at the phone receiving screen. I hope it isn't an emergency because I know it will be a difficult call for service trying to ascertain the necessary information over a bad connection, even when the connection is at its strongest.

What is it going to take to get Cricket to make the necessary changes in their cellular programing or towers or cell phone design to help alleviate this problem? Maybe for some people the great prices are enough of an incentive to deal with the snap, crackle and pop while talking on their cell phones. But, let's hope they don't have to call for help because on the emergency services side, it is a safety issue in my mind.

Who wants to sign my petition?


Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you!!! Same thing... They act like you can hear them .. then I hollar.. Sir ur calling from a cricket phone.. That's the worst cell phone for an emergency!!

Cheap isn't always best..

I fear it will never change however!! But count me in!!

Paige said...

Even though I doubt we have anyone in our city with Cricket cell phone services. I would greatly sign this! lol. There is nothing that I cannot stand more than having a cell call that cannot be tracked directly because of movement and not being able to hear anything they are saying!

Liz said...

Add me to that list, they are worthless.

Add also please people who disconnect (or choose to non pay) their cell phones and then let there kids play with them. We had 56 calls one morning from the same stinking phone and all we heard was the kids toy in the background like he had it in the crib or something.


Cst KO said...

The polls are open for the Best Police blogs....Please post to let your readers know so they can go and vote....

Anonymous said...

I will.

Merry Christmas.Rick