Monday, December 1, 2008

How Do You Spell Smith?

Apparently the public think because we are civil service we are uneducated and unable to spell basic names and words. Am so tired of people feeling the need to spell out, slowly cause I clearly am stupid, simple or common names. Now I could understand if the name is differently spelled or not a commonly used name, but really folks. Was it necessary for the person to spell out Smith?

Anyone who has taken a civil service entrance exam knows only basic reading and writing skills are necessary. Anyone who has ever taken the civil service entrance exam knows it tests more than the basics. Anyone who has ever had to grade the civil service entrance exam knows there are a lot of people with high school diplomas who don't know how to punctuate or spell correctly or use grammar correctly. Rudiment English won't cut the mustard for many civil service entrance exams that entail public contact.

Having worked in a legal office in the past, it is true that those of socially elevated employment (even the legal secretaries and paralegals) believe civil servants are not the brightest of bulbs, thus they work at jobs that would better fit the uneducated (but not quite the unwashed) that would be beneath them of elevated employment status. Apparently people forget a lot of attorneys and psychologists and social workers (those from the socially elevated employment ranks) started their professional careers as patrol officers, dispatchers, etc.

I have two Associate Degrees. Only a few units shy of my first Bachelor's Degree. By the time I finish my desired courses I will have three Bachelor's Degrees. Soooo... at least I can say I'm not a dumb duck. Just like the challenge that civil service provides. Hmmm... maybe I'm crazy. Yeah, that's got to be it. I wonder if I can get anyone to certify me so I can take a nice long vacation?


cj said...

Your post reminds me of my favorite overheard story between a road unit and dispatch:

Officer: File and status on Ciszewski, common spelling...

To which the dispatcher replied: It ain't common to me.

Smith they don't think you can spell. Ciszewksi? That's easy.


Officer "Smith" said...

Then there was a driver I stopped a while back.

His name was Geoffrey Allyn Smythe.

He pronounced it like Jeffrey Alan Smith.

Freakin' Brits.

Anonymous said...

What about the trainee's Bless there souls... one just spelt Howard and Jose to me over the air? I had his returns done before he was even finished spelling the name poor thing.