Friday, June 25, 2010

Say What?!

Our local government, in all its collective wisdom, publicly announced the reason there will be additional employee lay offs is because the local officers association refused to concede to furloughs and that money would have saved several government jobs.


The way I understand it, and I have an inside track, the local officer association actually offered other suggestions and concessions that would have saved the local government tens of thousands and practically offered an interest free loan to help through the transition.

But the hang up for the government leaders was the unwillingness of the officers to take furloughs. Though the local officer association suggestions would save the local government more money in the long run.

Oh yeah. These government leaders really know how to take care of their citizens safety and pocketbooks. And show their support of their local law enforcement.

Wonder if citizens can do a McChrystal to these local government leaders?

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The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

I got one for you... Our local government hasn't had to pay into our retirements for almost a decade.. and now.... they are blaming their woe's on us.. because they finally have to pay in... so the citizens are angry at us for this!!! Dude.. they were supposed to be paying in all along! They chose to use that money to fund their pet projects.. all of which have failed miserably.. I don't hear anyone complaining about them!