Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Gall of Some People

Okay. This blog was created as a means to express the ups and downs of the public safety dispatching job. And ever so often it is a single phone call that just makes you sit back in your chair and wonder about the gall of some people.

Female calls up screaming mad that her daughter's school is refusing to allow the child's father (her husband) to attend their daughter's junior high school graduation.

Further questioning reveals the following:

Father has been arrested for assault on school grounds to school staff and damage to school property. In fact, he has an outstanding warrant for those very charges.

Okay ma'am. So you're wanting the school to basically reward his past bad behavior, on the very school grounds that he created this problem, so he can watch his daughter graduate from junior high school? And you know he has this warrant that is over a year old?

Her reply, minus the dramatic sighs, high volume and lack of non-cursing verbal skills, was the school was being rude and unprofessional and it wasn't right. She even suggested to the school that they just have their daughter graduate within the first half hour and he could leave.

Clearly this woman is living in la-la land to think a school is going to totally rewrite the agenda for the graduation ceremony to accommodate a man who has little self-control and a lack of ownership to his bad actions by not handling the warrant.

The kicker to this story? The female caller has her own outstanding warrant for..... drum roll.... assault and vandalism.


Jackie said...

Ha!! That almost makes you want to send a couple of officers to the grad to pick up the parents doesn't it??

Feel bad for the girl though, with parents like that?? *shakes her head*


Commchick said...

Hahaha. You can't make this stuff up. My boyfriend is a detective and has been an LEO in different parts of the state for years. He is also in the military. Some of the things he has shared with me, and that I have come across since I've been a dispatcher are amazing. I told him that he definitely should write a book.

宛儒DarwinM_Pawlak0203 said...

Time and tide wait for no man. ............................................................

rlkris said...
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