Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Returning to Work

After almost 12 days away from this hell hole, I returned to everything the same. Except with now less people to carry out the work.

Tired of hearing we should be glad we have a job when others are getting laid off. If those in charge had been doing their jobs in the first place we wouldn't be in this financial crisis and having to release people from work who actually work.

Notice all the upper division jobs are still intact. How nice for them. They may actually have to work now that their support staff is all gone.

And our poor citizens are being asked to become volunteers and learn how to do fingerprinting and write reports to take reports from other citizens like vehicle burglaries, graffitti, etc. Can only imagine the court cases and their testimony in court. See this volunteer, in his 80's, saying he just wanted to help the police and live out his childhood dream of being a cop, and though the fingerprint cards might be a little smeared they matched other cards from other similar crimes and ain't it a hoot that he got to be a real crime fighter.

And what's this crap about just taking one call at a time? Seeing all those calls waiting for answering can drive me crazy. And the callers get more stupid and more stupid. Am so tempted to point out how stupid and ridiculus the caller is being.

Summers mean additional calls for service. The heat really brings out the crazies. And I am expected to put in more hours.


Aaron the Truck Driver said...

layoff's still? I thought things had somewhat stabilized.

Hmm. I guess not.

The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

Interesting.. same stuff here! 911 calls holding and they are telling us... Take one call at a time!

Excuse me??? People are getting shot and they can't get through on the phone.... I was up at our records counter the other day... Man I felt sorry for them... We have calls holding but they had a line of people in the small room shoulder to shoulder all waiting to be seen! with only 2 people helping them!!! Seriously we are a major city here!!!!
I'm done ranting. At least I got a day off (furloughed!!) Its the only way we get a day off!! Hahaha