Friday, June 7, 2013

Like... ah... You Know?

Major pet peeve time.

Received a call from a young lady who was seeking information.  But it takes her, no joke, two solid minutes of slipping into phrases and words of "like... ah.. you know.." every few words before she was capable of giving me a drift of the information she was inquiring for.

Though we glorious dispatchers also receive phone calls of 4-letter words sprinkling a question or comment, it drives me around the bend to hear "like... ah... you know" several times in a short conversation.

And then, this word seeking lack of vocabulary speaking young woman, asks a question but doesn't allow me to answer, because she has started talk, like, not sure, ah..., like, how to get the, like, you know, who to contact, like, maybe we should, ah..., but then, like...

You get the picture.

I happen to know this young female is a college student.  Her diatribe brought forth that little piece of information nugget.  What a waste of good money!  Clearly she is not an English major.  Maybe a art history major looking for a husband?  Cruel, yes.  But so irritating to listen to.

But it also took me back to my days of working for a very large agency and their large dispatching unit.  Listing to fellow dispatchers who repeatedly say, "okay?".  Clearly things are not okay if people are calling you in the first place.  But to continuously through a conversation or the providing of information, "okay" is not something that needs repeating numerous times.

Okay? I mean, like, it is so, ah, you know, a bother to work through.  Okay?

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