Saturday, June 9, 2012

Policies and Procedures

All agencies have Policies and Procedures.  Supposedly so everyone knows their responsibility and actions demanded of them in any given call for service or request.  Much is common sense, some you think were written by a juvenile chimpanzee.

With regards to the release of reports.  Why do citizens yell (literally) in the lobby when demanding a copy of a report and told there are procedures in the request? 

With our agency you make a written request, pay a fee, the request is reviewed and either approved or not approved.  If approved, our records clerk then makes a copy and sends it to the requester.

The list of those who can get a copy of a report basically have to have their name somewhere in the report.  Either as a directly involved party or registered owner of the vehicle involved, or listed in some manner. 

But lately it seems "others" have been requesting reports where they aren't mentioned and very upset when denied.  Or the man who created a huge scene in the lobby trying to get a copy of a report of a police action his son was involved in.  His "of age" son.  Son wouldn't tell him the w-h-o-l-e story.

What happened to the right of privacy?  What happened to kids, even grown kids, telling parents the whole story since they are asking for the parents help?  What happened to insurance companies making the requests and now having their customers do all their leg work?

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