Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy 100

Can you believe it?  This is #100 of my blogs.  Took me three years of sporadic writing, but it is a goal worthy of notice.

I mean, they make a big deal when a show makes 100 episodes.  So why not my blog?

Okay, now the quandry begins.  What should the subject matter of this momentous occasion be?  Should I reiterate something already mentioned?  Or a review of the last 100 entries?  A new topic to explore and discuss?

Literally, I sat for over a week trying to think of something truly worthy of this (narcissistic?) occassion.  And then it was dropped into my lap, courtesy of my niece.

She has approached me for guidance and mentoring as she embarks on a path towards becoming a police officer.  Say What!?!?

She has seen first hand the hardships on the person and the family through my husband.  Her grandfather was a motorcycle cop for several years and has talked about the problems of being an officer.  She has listened to me badmouth and cry over some of my experiences as a dispatcher.

But due to a personal experience (well, actually two) of them in her recent past (she's over 21), she feels the calling.  Yes, a calling.

So I will support her and mentor where I can.  Hubby is already onboard and giving her some suggestions and points to study.

A calling.  Wow.  Pretty heavy thought.  I related it to her like what a priest or a nun must feel, they are drawn into religious service.  And she said that is how it feels.

She sees herself in a position of helping.  Not serving people through nursing, which her grandparents would prefer, but in public service as an officer.  Still seeing people at their worst, like a nurse would, but with far fewer and far in between thank you's and smiles as an officer.  In nursing she would see first hand the benefits of her care.  As an officer she would hopefully get to see the benefit of her attention to detail and safety be reflected in the saving of a life.

As an officer she would be front line of witnessing people at their lowest and worst moments of their lives. 

As an officer she will be watching first hand the results of poor judgement and an attitude of not caring. 

As an officer she will have her decisions and actions questioned by people with no understanding of the job or by superior officers who have the benefit of making decisions with all the information later.

As an officer she will deal with being a not just a spectator of life theatre but who will also have a walk-on part with no script to follow, just working off pure instinct and training.

As an officer she will have the golden opportunity to show people there are choices in life one can make to better themselves along with their community.

As an officer she will have the sweetest of chances to touch and improve the outlook for a child who is victim of the adult in their life.

As an officer she can exemplify what is right and good in a female officer that can offer her department and community a special insight of good choices and follow through.

As an officer she can make herself and her family proud.

Go girl.  Auntie got your back.

And remember to be very very good to your dispatchers.  (Yes, a long lecture was delivered on this subject already.)

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