Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I started this blog under a pseudonym because I wanted the freedom to write what I was thinking and feeling without fear of someone reading it and suing me over my stated opinions. I needed a safe place to vent my frustrations and head-shaking work moments that come from those I serve and those I share work space with.

If you're a blogger you have heard about those frivolous and painful lawsuits over your freedom of speech (though may be guaranteed under the First Amendment, if it "hurts" the feelings or reputation of the person you're upset about or at, it is no longer a protected right).

But the name, "Tired Dispatcher", has become a much larger identity. It has given me a second persona to explore and utilize. I find myself freely commenting on news articles because I can do so not as me, the wife-mother-grandmother-police dispatcher-community activist-student-etc, but as someone who has the ability to state their take on the issue and/or article and/or person as "Tired Dispatcher".

Being nameless-unknown-mysterious (maybe?) I can give voice to thoughts and opinions as dispatchers we are not permitted. Like an officer, we have to be neutral, as much as possible. We may not agree with your life choices, but you still have rights issued by law makers we must enforce evenly across the board and array of citizens we are hired to serve.

It is not easy to always remember that component of our job description. Well, that unwritten rule in the game of law enforcement.

We are not a judge who can sit back and Monday-morning quarterback and take the time to look up the legal issues and precedents on the issues.

We are not law makers who craft rules of behavior or permissions based on our highest money-making benefactor whims.

We are public servants who must enforce the good and not-so-good laws to all and sundry. Our opinions on the laws or on the people who get caught up in the illegal activities net are not suppose to matter, but just be dealt with in an even-handed manner.

Okay, okay. I can see how the eyebrows are raising. But truly, that is our intent. And it isn't easy. Our life experiences can sometimes color our tones of voice or manner in which we handle an ugly situation. We are, after all, powered by a specialized body fluid called blood, not oil. And thus, sometimes, the pressure of that precious life-giving fluid will rise and fall, boil or turn to ice, many times based on our pasts experiences and feelings and sentiments.

I may not have the freedom to voice my frustrations and share my laughable moments as ______ (haha - still anonymous), but as Tired Dispatcher? Hear me roar!

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