Friday, August 7, 2009

Life Coach?

Life coach, or a personal coach, is usually a hired person to help assist another person with their personal developement. They help a person set and achieve specific goals.

The above is not in my job description as a police dispatcher.

But yet, every day, there are calls with questions and requests for help that would fall in line with what a life coach would assist with. Not criminal matters, but people needing help and guidance. Sometimes it is a matter of voicing what the caller already knows, they just seem to need someone to say it out loud. Sometimes it is more serious and the call taker can only give them names to numerous agencies and phone numbers to contact to get the needed and necessary help.

The bottom line is, why am I not getting paid the big bucks that a certified life coach can and does make? Am I not, many times a day, doing the very job a life coach is hired to do? And they get more respect than a lowly police dispatcher.

What is wrong with this picture?


The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

Don't forget love coach also.. Can tell you how many times I have been asked were a nice guy could find a nice girl!!

Raindog said...

It is the lack of stability of life. Some family life isn't just unstable, it is non-existent. Others have no church or true friends to turn to. Others have been taught you can always trust law enforcement.

At least, they are looking for advice instead of make bad choices.

Christopher said...

I share your frustrations.

I am coming to belive something however, and it helps me deal with the discrepency between what I offer, and what I recieve in return.

It's not service if it costs us nothing. It's not service if they equitably give us what it deserves.