Monday, August 3, 2009

Awww... The Bliss of Ignorance

It has been nasty busy lately. Yes, the heat and the increased alcohol use and abuse is common to this time of year creating higher calls for service phenomenon. But the type of calls lately has really been nasty.

A definite increase in violent crimes. A definite increase in crimes where drugs and/or alcohol are present. A definite increase in crimes involving identity theft and fraud.

Some say it is caused by the poor economy. Many people out of work and have nothing else to do but take drugs and drink alcohol. (Never understood that phrase... if you don't have money for rent and food, how do you get the money for alcohol and drugs? Oh, yeah, something about choosing the effects caused by alcohol and drugs over sustaining your life.)

Most people in the community I work in have no idea just how bad it is getting. That is to their advantage in many ways.

Because I am privy to so much information it makes me really happy and safe feeling to know I don't live here. Yes, I know that there are probably many of the same horrible things happening in the large community I work happening in the small community I reside. But I don't know about it so I feel much safer.

There is great bliss in the ignorance.

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Cpdcoppurr said...

From an Officer to you a Dispatcher. I would like to thank you for your service.

I loved my dispatchers. They were my life line. They knew even when my partner and I were in the thick of a fight, running, punching jumping, they knew it was us, calling for back up when we couldnt get to our radio's, kept talking to us through the radio's while we were fighting for our lives at times.

We always thanked our gals and guys on the other end of that radio. On slower nights we would sneak down and deliver pizza's to the crews, bring donuts, coffee and home baked goods. We appreciated them then, we appreciate them now. It was awesome to see the face behind the voices we heard every single night. The voices that greeted us when we came up on the air and said we were clear to roll. The jokes and computer messages sent back and forth to keep us awake and alive.

Before I get all misty eyed about our guys and gals in Chicago, I wanted to say THANK YOU, for a sometimes thankless, stressful, wonderful job, and thanks for making my job easier.