Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Parental Guidance/Teaching

Yes, yes I know.  Haven't been good about writing lately.  But I just got to vent.  And that's what this is for, right?

I love Pinterest.  I admit I am an addict.  Lately there seems to be many pins about parenting.  Things parents can say/lecture to help their child learn how to behave, empathy for others, sharing, etc.  You get the picture.

Also, many of the on-line media pages I like to surf (not as bad an addict) seem to recently been on a bender about articles on child rearing.  Written by experts in their fields of child psychology, child education, etc.

And our job also exposes us to kids that follow the rules and those that don't.  Those kids who have learned manners and those that have not.  Daily we deal with both sides of the coins of behavior in kids.  Sometimes, the same kid.

Well folks, let me make this easy for you.  For all those parents and guardians who read all the articles and books and pins on child rearing.  Let me save you a lot of time.


Three simple words that have a world of meaning.  If you want your child to feel and know empathy, exercise that muscle within yourself.  If you want your child to learn how to share, be willing to share with others.  If you want your child to learn how to speak properly, quit cussing all the time and badmouthing every perceived wrong in your life.


Such a simple concept that any parent can learn.  Remember, our kids are watching us and mimic our behavior.  So show your child how you want them to act in the big bad world when they go out of the house on their own.  Show them how good manners and hard work can make a difference in their world and the world around them.


Guess you weren't expecting a life lesson when you started this post.  Now go out onto the world with your newly learned life lesson on child rearing and see what a difference it makes.

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Alex said...

Hi Tired Dispatcher,

I totally agree that it's important to teach by example, which is how we are raising our daughter. She's only 4 months now, but we're still very careful about the things we say and the way we act around her. Children are sponges and they absorb everything they see, especially from their parents.

On another topic, would you be interested in contributing to a multi-expert interview I'm putting together? I'm contacting law enforcement professionals for an article about safety and would love to get your input over email. If you're interested, you can email me at alex AT 1800doorbell DOT com.

And thanks for the article! As a new father, this lesson is very important to me.

Alex Juel