Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Over Time / OT

Yes, something we've all dealt with.  Sometimes it is voluntary.  Many times it is not.

At my old agency, there was tons of it.  Usually worked 45 hours a week, minimum.  Hardly ever worked only 40 hours.  Anything less than 45 hours of trauma and drama was a light week.  By contract we were limited to a top of 60 hours of hard labor (my words, not the MOU) a week.  Can't remember how many of those I worked.  Simply, too many.

But, at my new agency, I typically work a 40 hour week.  Rarely work 44 hours.  But.... the last few weeks, due to illnesses and vacations and jury duty, I have worked 48-52 hours. 

And boy, am I feeling it!

I have gotten very spoiled with the 40 hour work week.  I miss my 4/10 work schedule, but really enjoying a regular sized work week. 

But the 44 hour work week three weeks ago, 52 hour week two weeks ago, 44 hours last week, and 48 hours this week (so far), I am exhausted!  And the headaches are back.

At my old agency I really developed a headache problem.  Probably from working as many hours as I did.  Plus, I needed glasses.  (Vanity issue, yes)  But I don't remember feeling quite as exhausted as I have the last few weeks.

-No comments from the peanut gallery that I am older now and thus more likely to get tired more easily.-

I just know that after two years of working for a smaller agency, and not dealing with all the overtime on a weekly basis, I got very comfortable with my 40 hour work week.

And really complaining because I'm not working a 40 hours work week. 

Sheesh.  I need to get a life.

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