Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Am Famous

Well, not famous, but as of 2012, will be published. Have been working hard to keep my anonymity, and the writer John M Wills was very supportive of that fact, and is including some of my blog postings. Cleaned up, but the feel is still there. This blog was started for my edification, my need to express in writing what I can not say out loud. And apparently someone understands and connects.

What I find interesting is here is an author who is gathering stories of Women in Blue (or Brown) and was willing to include stories from Dispatchers. As a regular reader will know, I have noted the fact we are forgotten members of the Department so much of the time, yet this experienced LEO thought it important enough to add the stories of not just this Dispatcher, but others as well. My hat is tipped to you Mr Wills.

At the below link you can find out how to order your copy of this book. Check it out. Maybe buy a copy for your local library and donate it. Let's not forget the importance we Estrogen Based Life Forms add to the Thin Blue Line. Let's celebrate it.

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John M. Wills said...

I appreciate you and your colleagues, and recognize that you are an important cog in the burdensome LE machine. Keep up the good work!