Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Clock Watching

Never really considered myself much of a clock watcher, until lately.

I have always been an early bird. I prefer to arrive at my destination early. If I arrive on time I feel like I am late. If really early, I set in my car and read for a bit.

I like to come early to work and have "attitude adjustment time" where I can read the notes on the bulletin board, fix my coffee, socially talk with co-workers, and get into the "work" frame of mind. This is done on my time, not the time I am being paid to work.

But too many co-workers like to walk in one - two minutes before the beginning of their shift. Or come in several minutes past the beginning of their shift.

Come on folks.

You like to be relieved from your shift on time, please give me the same consideration. I understand an occasional late arrival, but 4-5 work days a week???

This is truly an epidemic here. So by the time you are signed on, and have been briefed, too many times it is 10-15 minutes past the end of my shift and I'm not getting paid.

Solution: Arrive 5 minutes before the beginning of your shift. You know it takes at least that long to get signed on and briefed, so when your shift begins, you are ready, and when my shift ends, I can go home.

This offered solution is for every dispatcher, not just those that relieve me. You don't have to come in 10-15 minutes early like I choose to, but be ready to work, which means in control of the dispatch panel, by the beginning of your shift.

Professional courtesy is all I'm asking.

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The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

I arrive 15 early to make my coffee and adjust. I miss my old breakfast club buddy. Apparently when i walk in the door its code for hand the wireless headset to me and they log off. Where's the adjust time???? And seriously just once relieve me a few minutes early!! Haha.. So I know what u mean.