Sunday, May 22, 2011

Battle Survivors

Was recently visited by a former workmate who became a very dear friend. We supported each other through the daily battles and skirmishes with the citizens, officers and brass. When one was feeling the pressure the other tried to take on a little bit more, a few extra phone calls, or power walked beside the upset co-worker.

Through years of daily wins and losses, some gained territory, losing lots of territory, like many people who have been through battles, you create a bond with those in the trenches like no other.

We both have moved on, to other work and other agencies. But as the recent visit proved, we are still very connected. It also made me realize how lucky I am in my new department and that deployment back to the former battle (work) location where I was able to forge this friendship, would be impossible.

Just needed to get this off my chest. No other purpose to this post.


General Woundwort said...

Not sure how I came across your blog, but I can relate. My daughter is a 911 dispatcher in CA. She has plenty of tales to tell. I think she would enjoy your blog. Incidently she models for the new 911 Cares catalog. Check it out...

The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

My dearest friend and former co-worker..... you have been with me through my worst calls as I with you!!! May I just say I would crawl through battle fields for you, as I know you would for me! Not many understand us and what we have gone through. Our unspoken words are true encouragement for us to go on!!!

My dear friend, I love you and miss you next to me.