Wednesday, March 23, 2011


There are supervisors who are good at motivating their staff, encouraging them, giving of praise/recognition when deserved, and preparing them for advancement.

Then there are those supervisors who prefer to belittle, talk down, when extra effort is made instead of acknowledging in a positive manner, they say, it's your job. They are usually the ones who have a complaint about everything and everyone. They couldn't do your job but they love to tell you how to do yours.

Now, think about them in a different light or angle if you please. If they were one half of a marriage, and you the other half; they were to talk to you that way, discount anything you do as worthless, and tell everyone you're not up to the job, those of us in LE know you're in an abusive relationship. Not physical, but psychologically abusive relationship.

As a dispatcher we would tell you where the different shelters are located. The different services available to aid you in gaining the strength necessary to break away from such an abusive relationship.

So why is the behavior permitted and permission able at work but so repugnant at a home relationship?

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Gigi said...

Well put. I have a supervisor just like the one you're describing. Part of the reason I came back to blogging..gotta have somewhere to vent!!