Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cop Language

If you work law enforcement you know that we speak another language. There is 10 code and 11 code and 9 code and vehicle code and penal code and health & welfare code and and and. You get the picture. But we also deal with abbreviations big time. Got to put a lot of information out there as quickly as possible in the most compact manner. Thus, codes and abbreviations are used. Only those of us "in the business" are going to understand.

459 busn IP... 3 WM susps LB e/b from loc, all wrg blk tshirts


Welf Ck HM down, poss 11-44


Poss DK driver w/b blu Chev p/u, partial lic 5NUV


Armed 211 just occd... 1 WF susp, blonde hair, 507, wrg yell dress... no one injd

You get the idea. What I do find frustrating is because I type in this language 10-15 hours a day, 4-6 days a week, when I have to type and write properly, similar to what I am doing now, I find myself typing in abbreviations. Have to go back and spell out a word. When I started this job I was typing 120+ wpm. Recently had a reason to retest my typing speed and it has slowed down to 89wpm. Because I had fallen out of the practice of typing complete words and sentences.

This job gets you in soooo many ways.


The Dispatcher and Her Officer said...

So right!!!! Hey I want xtra pay for that!!!!!!

tired.dispatcher said...

The extra pay would come from the understanding that I am bilingual. Or maybe from the fact I speak in tongues?

Tired Dispatcher