Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Occupied Residental Burglary

A fear many of us women have.  Being home, alone, when you hear your front door open.  You know no one should be coming through that door.  And yet, there is a body outline at the open door.

Took a call from a woman this evening the above horror movie making moment had happened.  She was reading in bed, thought she heard a soft knock on her front door.  Took her a moment or two to process, get up, put her robe on, and open her bedroom door.  During that time an unknown subject opened her door.  Her alarm went off.  She yelled out.  He yelled back, "Aw shit" and fled.

As a regular reader, you know I have a thing about calling 911 immediately, not after you have called numerous other family members and friends, and to tell me in as few words as possible what happened.  And where you are.  And she did!  My called must be a reader.

She told me her home had just been broken into.  Her address.  And stopped talking so I could ask some questions.  After the third question she was asking if I was going to send her help, but she kept her cool.

We were at her location in a couple minutes.  One officer saw another vehicle fleeing at a high rate of speed from the general area and took chase.  Ended up not being related, just a drunk driver.  But as he has a history of these forms of law enforcement contacts regarding his inebriated driving habits, it was a good catch.

My caller was shaken, but okay.  I told her on the phone she did a good job, quickly calling me instead of her father who insisted she install the alarm.  Wish we had more callers like her.

Well, not more calls of occupied residential burglaries.  Really don't need those calls for service.  But having a caller who can keep their head together long enough to tell me, as an emergency call taker, what just happened, oh yeah.  Makes my job so very much easier.

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